Thursday, May 31, 2007

the truth about AppleTV

posted by sid @ 12:59 PM

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Steve Jobs at the "All things Digital conference" announced the new youtube integration and bigger hard drive in the apple TV. Lets skip the first and analyze the second.

The first AppleTV comes with a 40gig hard drive, enough to store some stuff, the rest could be streamedfrom your Mac/PC. It was heavily critisized for its puny hard drive and high cost. In fact fortune magazine, generally pro Apple, flamed the product calling it a dud.

In his latest anouncement Steve announced that the new AppleTV will have a 160 gig drive. Now many might think of this as just more space to add more stuff, but really if the AppleTV can stream movies and music from your computer anytime why the need for such a massive buffer ?

The answer is HD.
Now what i think is that Apple has managed to convince some new studios to provide their fledging HD content via the itunes store. Sure, it'll be great on that 20inch iMac but you know what would be cool if the appleTV could store it... and 'lo behold, there is a new 160 gig model in the offing.... conincidence anyone?
Now we wont need that hugely expensive blu-ray player, just download on itunes and stream to the TV.

And if you ask me, AppleTV isnt finished here, what the youtube update tells us is that Apple will start rolling out new features soon, maybe Tivo like recording, direct itunes buying, IPTv... this product still has some legs.

more D updates soon..